Video Production by Amy Flannery

I started making silent short films on Super 8 film with my father when I was seven years old. I would dress up my boyfriends in my mother's old cocktail dresses while I borrowed my father's clothes and dressed as a little old man to re-enact sketches from Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In or comedy bits of my own invention. My father would patiently film us as we performed in the living room in Illinois in front of friends and relatives.

Although my husband refuses to wear dresses, he did agree to put on pirate regalia for the filming of Cruising on the Mary T: Nova Scotia to the Bahamas, my recently completed docu-comedy about the beauty, wonder and challenges of a year-long voyage aboard a 38-foot sailboat (

I continue to enjoy all aspects of filmmaking from writing and producing to shooting to editing. My twelve years at Yellow Cat Productions creating independent documentaries and servicing a variety of clients provided me with the opportunity to play all of these roles.

I strongly believe in treating all individuals on the set with respect regardless of their views and moods. Maintaining a positive outlook and a good sense of humor goes a long way in putting people at ease and makes any production more fun.